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PSA: Who should I cosplay?



First off, No, this is not another post asking other people what they should cosplay. No, this is a post that will help you decide on your own what you will cosplay. Now, you’re asking me: “What do you mean? I’m asking this because I can’t decide! Are you telling me I can’t ask?” No, I am not…

Maybe this will help me D:

I very much hope it does! In the very least it should lower your cosplay list a large fraction.


Cosplay: Winter Soldier
Model/Cosplayer: Mercury
Photo/Editing: Jiyouh


Cosplay: Winter Soldier

Model/Cosplayer: Mercury

Photo/Editing: Jiyouh

Looking for Kuro Cosplayers!


I am trying to get at least a couple more people together for my possible Kuroshitsuji panel. It will most likely be a q&a and something else. I have not quite decided since I am trying to get more people so I can figure it out. We have Ciel, Sebastian, Alois, Joker, Elizabeth or Doll. All other characters are open. The Alois in the group would like to have a Claude if we can find one. If you are interested message me!


M E G A C O N 2014 private photoshoot:

Notepad from Don’t Hug me I’m Scared | Roe

Photographer :: facebook | flickr | devART | instagram | tumblr

PSA: The art of budgeting

Hello once again followers, whether you are new to the blog or not. Welcome. I am here to bring up a topic I brought up before once again though I will most likely make you CRY with the picture I show you but at the same time realize that this DOESN’T have to be you. By god’s name what in the lord am I showing you today? Why, of course it is budgeting! Sadly, in order to show you an example I am giving you a list of my own budgeting to show you what can be done to help you with your own money issues!

After all, what is the most important thing to consider when booking a convention and the creation of beautiful sewn costumes? MONEY. Money is the most important thing to consider when you enter this hobby as you are nothing without it. You can try certain tactics to make sure you save it, but everything in this fun hobby will cost something.

Now here is my example of my budgeting:

^ This right here is a list of the amount I’m spending on cosplays and how much I owe the commissioner still. Most of it is paid, but that is a lot. Now, on the other hand you need to consider that I am commissioning someone to make this so that is why it costs so much (namely that fursuit) as when you commission you pay time + material + shipping for the costume. Also, I don’t have to pay rent at the moment so I can afford this, along with the fact I like cosplaying more than buying in the Dealer’s room.

On the other hand, you could be different and spend more on the convention itself than you would for a costume. That’s cool. Everyone is into different things in this hobby but you need to realize budgeting is important. No matter what you are spending money on something but you need to recognize your limit.

If you have bills to pay? Pay the bills.

Did your car decide to break down? Get it fixed.

You owe the bank 1233454534534? Then pay them back!

The point is that when you budget, you need to put the important things as your number one priority. If you’re spending the amount I spend but have real life issues to deal with then you’re doing it wrong. (Medical expenses, food, car repairs, rent, etc.)

The key to good budgeting is finding out what you CAN spend and using it wisely without disrupting your daily life. This is different for everyone, and I won’t say that you can’t spend 5000 of your savings on cosplay but I will say the choice is ultimately yours. But I do think if you must, pay what you really need to first and keep money for emergencies.

Ways to save money-

*Learn to sew

*Search through local thrift stores

*Make a list of what you want/cost and make sure you keep track of what is paid and not paid. Something like my list might help.

*Search everything and for hours for lower prices.

Most importantly, KNOW what you want to buy. So many people lose money in the dealer’s room due to buying what they first see without a thought til the money is handed to the dealer. Knowing what you want and need will save you from an empty pocket.

I hope this helps some of you out!

-Admin Y

Convention List-

Just a notice to those interested in our blog, but Admin L and I shall be attending two conventions that we know of this year. So if you’re in the area you can say Hi. The conventions are-



Not sure about Admin K though, but when she gets online next she should post her own schedule up if she knows it.

-Admin Y

Taking any questions:

If you have anything cosplay, contact, convention related then feel free to ask! We always adore questions and helping those who want some help but can’t find what they need. You can even ask personal cosplay stuff to the admins! Just remember to ask and don’t just shy away from us as we will not bite you. I promise ;p

-Admin Y

How to make arm wraps without actually using arm wraps!


So recently as some of you may know I had to figure out how to make these green arm wraps in the picture below

I wanted them to be one piece so that they wouldn’t have to be adjusted throughout the day if parts decided to slip, especially since the original plan was to…


"Satisfaction’s not in my nature."

Loki | Photographer

Cosplay Spotlight #2 Ryoko-demon

Let me introduce to you a wonderful cosplayer who I found one day while browsing Deviantart and seeing their incredible Belle! She’s got a talent with styling wigs and costumes with an excellent photographer who can help showcase all that!

Follow her here:



If you have anyone you would like us to spotlight please feel free to send us a message and we’ll pick someone given to us!

-Admin Y

PSA: Who should I cosplay?

First off, No, this is not another post asking other people what they should cosplay. No, this is a post that will help you decide on your own what you will cosplay. Now, you’re asking me: “What do you mean? I’m asking this because I can’t decide! Are you telling me I can’t ask?” No, I am not telling you that but a better way to figure out what you want to be and narrow it down to a few choices.

On another note, picking a cosplay is not limited to your height, gender, eye color, or weight. Some cosplayers like to follow this, but the majority do not because then some people would not be able to cosplay a certain character they adore. We are not actors lining up for a role at Disney which has restrictions to who you can be- we are our own person and our choices depend on what I’m about to tell you:

Budget, comfort, and the amount of love you have for a character…

So, you want to cosplay but you don’t know what yet right? Well, following this should help you find a cosplay without having to ask random strangers on the net who more than likely will suggest to you characters you don’t know. Trust me. I know this from experience unless I’ve stated on the post what fandoms I prefer.

1. List every single character you’ve considered cosplaying, whether it is from a show you’ve just watched to something you heard someone mention.

2. This one is going to include some basic math, but you’ll thank me later for mentioning this to you. Figure out the amount you can spend and take out any characters from that list you will not be able to afford. For instance- say you want to buy a Loki cosplay and only have $145 in your budget…Well, this would be nice but that won’t be able to afford a screen accurate Loki. You take out Loki and you’re left with whatever is left in the list that you can afford.

Side note: I have seen many people try commissioning that character and it normally ends up 500+ for the costume. Also, when considering getting a costume, you’ll need to think if you can make the costume yourself or commission another person to make it for you. As someone who has commissioned before, I will state it is more expensive but the best choice for those wanting a quality-form fitting costume.

Commissioning = Labor + Material cost + Shipping + (maybe a deposit) = $$$

3. Out of the costumes you have in this list- which do you feel comfortable wearing? Comfort is different for everyone but by this I mean:

*Do you feel comfortable showing that much skin? (or even a certain part of your body)

*Are you sure you don’t mind wearing those heels?


The best way to define it is say: Are you comfortable with your body? I am okay with people showing off skin, but what I don’t like is someone wearing a “skimpy” cosplay and feeling intimidated by people staring at them. If you are not comfortable with this cosplay, do not wear it. Be proud and strut what you have!

4. Lastly, out of all the costumes you have left pick a character you would not mind using over and over again until it is un-useable. Of course, if you have the money feel free to get it- just remember it’s better to get a costume you wouldn’t mind using over and over compared to the one you still have in your closet and can’t sell. (Again, experience. You’ll feel so much better, trust me!)

Now, that is all I have to say and I do hope this helps you in some form! I’m sorry for the lack of updates but have been busy. I will say I’m going to post a few more things soon, one is budgeting, and another advertising another cosplayer so stay tuned!

-Admin Y